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Ron began painting lessons with his Grandmother when he was10 years old. He began taking commissions, winning awards and providing art services at 13.   At 14 he determined to pursue a career as a professional artist.


He developed his skills first in a local Jr. Collage then at the University of Southern Mississippi where he received his BFA in 1974 and then went on to post-graduate studies while working as the graphic artist for the PR Department of the University. 


Relocating to Michigan as a public school art teacher, his Jr. High Photography students won awards in local and state competitions, frequently against older students


Ron was a freelance graphic artist and illustrator working on projects for numerous Oil and Offshore Engineering Companies In Houston for several years until he assumed the roll of head master at a private. school.


Principal of a Christian Academy, grade k-4 through 8th grade, for 10 years; Ron wore “many hats” as an Administrator, Curriculum Developer, Teacher, Public Relations Director and  Associate Pastor.


Soon after resigning from the school Ron began taking art projects part time.  Packaging design, illustration for a children's book, murals and custom faux finishes for residence and local business were, at first, parttime projects.  Soon he was working full time as an aritist while his list of clients and collectors grew.


Murals, portraits, sculptural maps, relief panels, large collage illustrations, contemporary nonobjective paintings and custom impact pieces have made up much of his ever growing portfolio of accomplishments.


The artist's work is included in corporate and private collections across the country.  Much of what Gordon has done over the past few years has been by commission and typically for medical facilities, sales offices, business and corporate environments or discriminating patrons.

A more extensive Biography and Resume' are available by request.



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